Wednesday, 2 July 2014

GMC Berlin presents MOTHERSHIP with Mark Archer & Oris Jay

Artwork by Selma Köran

1988 was the year Zero and now we’ve brought together a legendary old skool showcase with a dancefloor retrospective from the birth of Acid House, through the second Summer of Love and arriving in 1992 for real hardcore vibes. Outside in the sun it’s a long overdue appearance for the original bad boy garage pioneer landing amongst a host of Berlin’s finest residents for house and 2step vibes into the early hours.

• Mark Archer (Altern 8 / Network / Balkan)
• Tokyo Acid CRU (Testin’ Out)
• Pilgrim (Flo / Fantazia)
• Smokey Joe (Labello Blanco / Crimetime)
• Mudfoot Blaps (GMC / Fantazia)

» Visuals by Geso and Kalma

• Oris Jay (Planet Mu / Tectonic)
• Charlie Smooth (Get Deep / Kleine Reise)
• MS Elbe (female:pressure)
• TzkTzk (Avotre)
• Practitioner (GMC)
• Georg Hekt (GMC)

Inside: a genuine innovator, most famous for his Altern8 persona, Mark Archer has played his part in transforming acid house and techno since the very beginning. Bringing together Detroit techno, Chicago house, breakbeats, and other 90s dance flavours, the man also known as Nexus 21, Track Man, Bizarre Inc, Slo Moshun and Xen Mantra has a backcatalog rooted in R&S and Network Records plus a slew of others. Alongside Mark, we’re delighted to bring Smokey Joe back to Berlin. Joe was been holding it down on pirate radio with his “Crimewatch” sessions back in the day as well as releasing on several key underground labels such as Labello Blanco and his own Crimetime and Smokers Inc output. Pilgrim has been rolling out sets for the ravers since 1987, playing every big event spanning UK rave history including a residency at Quest and headline spots at Pandemonium, Helter Skelter, Dance Planet, World Dance, Entropy, Tribal Gathering, Illusion and continues to play classic old skool sets for Fantazia. Tokyo Acid CRU formed back in 2006 consisting of two acid house veterans who have since been taking their unique live flashback show around Europe alongside the likes of Placid and Radioactive Man. Birthday boy Mudfoot has been spinning wax since 92. Having joined the OCP collective with Hidden Agenda (Metalheadz) and DJ Seven (Reinforced Recs) in the mid 90s, the legendary GMC founder continues to push the sound of the era at Fantazia raves across the UK.

Outside we’re proud to present Texture Records head honcho Oris Jay – the man that wrote the book on UK Garage. Oris’s journey first started at the birth of the hugely influential Sheffield ‘bleep and bass’ sound of the late 80′s/early 90′s; a sound that’s been a prominent feature throughout his career as a DJ and producer. It was in these early years that he would find the creativity to push the boundaries of producing, taking dark-side underground anthems like ‘Biggin Up The Massive’ around the globe. Since then he has revolutionised the breaks scene and was pivotal in laying the foundations for the new century’s refocus on elements of dub. Charlie Smooth has been consistently taking dancers through a history of disco, house and techno as co-curator of the superb Get Deep nights as well as pushing forward-thinking sounds via Kleine Reise Records. We also welcome back Hamburg native MS Elbe who has established herself in Berlin over the past 10 years with a charismatic blend of deep and tasteful sounds. In addition we’re pleased to bring the secretive duo Tzk Tzk on stage representing Avotre Records and backed up by residents Practitioner and Georg Hekt!

Visuals by Geso & Kalma:
Belio Magazine chief Geso has been active both as a curator and exhibitor since the mid-90s. A true student of innovative glitch and video art, his most recent shows include Krake Festival (Berlin, 2013/14), File Hipersonica (Sau Paulo 2013), We Love 8Bit (Berlin, 2013) and Metro Sound Festival (Madrid, 2011). Raw Chicks resident Kalma is known primarily as a visual artist with work on installations, mapping and vjing, taking her work to crowds at Glastonbury, End of the Week and Perspectives Fest as well as working with Dj Vadim amongst many others.

Resident Advisor

A Brighter Day VI

Artwork by Selma Köran

For the 6th edition of A Brighter Day we are excited to finally welcome Ye. Having honed his sound on US-based Frisky Radio, Ye was a prominent proponent of the 2nd wave of house music in his Native Bulgaria. Since then he has been showcasing his harmonious range of flavours across Europe, most prominently as curator of the exquisite Moonphases events.

Georg Hekt

Resident Advisor

Sunday, 8 June 2014

DJ Nex & the Skrufz - Ghetto Method E.P.

DJ Nex & Skrufz - Ghetto Method E.P. 

GMC project: take a DJ Nex (Mark Archer/Altern 8) beat, add the Skrufz MCs and get the crew to remix it. 

Released 22/08/2011

Sunday, 25 May 2014

A Brighter Day part V

Flyer by Selma Köran

For the June edition of A Brighter Day we proudly present a lady with a superb music selection - MS Elbe. This Hamburg native has been on our radar for a long time and brings a record bag tested at some of the finest nights across Europe.

MS Elbe
Georg Hekt


Sunday, 27 April 2014

A Brighter Day: Part IV

Flyer design by Selma Köran

For the next chapter in the Brighter Day series we’re bringing together another trademark eclectic event. This time we welcome Funkusion to take control of the decks. Representing ReelFeel - one of the finest Bulgarian musical crews, his flawless skills have put him on the stage with the likes of Benji B, Lefto, Crazy P, Faze Action, Toddla T, Bonobo, Alice Russell, The Herbaliser, Tosca, Quantic, Thiervery Corporation, Parov Stelar and many others. We’re also extremely happy to bring back Talissa Mehringer, who has been with us since the beginning, for a round of live painting in the cave.

Funkusion (ReelFeel, BG)
Practitioner (GMC Berlin)
Georg Hekt (GMC Berlin)

Live art: Talissa Mehringer


Wednesday, 26 March 2014

A Brighter Day v.3.

The Spring installment of A Brighter Day arrives with special guests from three different corners of Europe for a multiple birthday celebration. Following a slew of unbelievable records over the past year, UK native Edmondson lands with a bag of new sounds alongside Bosha (BG), arriving from Bulgaria to represent regular guests in the OTR crew. Also featuring a special warm up session from our good friend H30H, residents Practitioner and Georg Hekt round off with a selection of vibes for another brighter day on Normal’s Funktion One.

Edmondson (Mindset/Hypercolour, UK)
Bosha (Off The Record, BG)
H30H (30 Porumalinha, PT)
Practitioner (GMC Berlin)
Georg Hekt (GMC Berlin)

Thursday, 6 March 2014

March events

08.03.2014 at Normal Bar: Practitioner and Georg Hekt freestyle vibes all night following the infamous Barb Nerdy soundtracking an exhibition by Awk.

13.03.2014 at Intersoup: GMC Berlin residents spinning all night

14.03.2014 at Tante Emma: H30H (30porumalinha) and Georg Hekt all night