GMC Berlin
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GMC Berlin is the event organising collective spearheaded by two DJs and producers - Practitioner and Georg Hekt. They have been hosting parties since 2011 with friends and guests, musicians and artists to bring together a kaleidoscope of sounds and street art. 



The Berlin chapter of the Ghetto Method Collective (est. 2005 in Newcastle, UK) has been curating a series of successful parties across the city since 2011. After a year of weekly gigs in the beautiful ruins of Tacheles until its final closure, the resident DJs Practitioner and Georg Hekt began curating successful nights across the city at a number of great venues.

Past guests include:

Pittsburgh Track Authority (Work Them), Raj Pannu (Ninja Tune), Felix K (Dystopian), Edmondson (Hypercolour), Laylla Dane and Garo (Off The Record), Joonipah (Nixwax), Dee Jay Jess (RudeFM), Parallel Concept (Lowvibe) and many, many more.

Incorporating a unique backdrop of artists bringing colour to the sound, visiting crews have included ADP, TPN and the notorious Burning Candy Collective (Bristol).


Ghetto Method Collective

The Ghetto Method is a philosophy, a theory, an idea of DIY ethics that connects many individuals into an international network of artistic collaboration. Established on Tyneside UK in 2005, the family exists for love and support.

GMC Berlin maintains contact with many musical and visual artists around the world and actively works to spread their intricate sounds and beautiful colours respectively.

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